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Whois Check, check whois by
We offer the cheapest domain name search, look up, check, select, reserve, purchase, register, transfer, renew, protect, and / or monitor domain name.
Project North East
Builders of custom built data centres
Internet and Enterprise Class Servers
Kvm Over Ip
Specialists in KVM over IP Solutions
Application Relocation Experts
Specialists in application migration
North East of England Regional Portal
A regional portal database about the North East of England. This extensive regional portal database covers the five counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham, Cleveland and Cumbria.
North West of England Regional Portal
Regional Portal directory for the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria and Lancashire the metropolitan districts of Bolton, Bury, Knowsley, Liverpool, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, St. Helens, Salford, Sefton, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan and Wirral.
South East of England Regional Portal
This extensive regional database covers the seven counties of Berkshire, Bucks, Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex & Wiltshire.
South West of England Regional Portal
A regional portal database about the South West in England. This portal database covers the seven counties of Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and West (formerly Avon) and Wiltshire.
West Midlands of England Regional Portal
A regional portal database about the West Midlands in England. This extensive regional portal database covers the eight counties of Birmingham (inc. Solihull), Black Country, Coventry & Warwickshire, Hereford & Worcestershire, Shropshire and Staffordshire
Yorkshire Regional Portal
A regional portal database about the Yorkshire in England. This regional portal database covers the four counties of North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, The Humber & West Yorkshire.
Advertising Directory
A business directory of advertising, online advertising, advertising agency, free advertising, internet advertising, marketing and advertising.
Barcode Databank
A directory of bar code printer and barcode printing, listing labels and thermal barcode printers.
Designer Directory
Searchable directory UK designers in areas from 3D Design, Art Schools, Computer Animation, Fashion Designers, Film, Game Programming, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, New Media Designers, Product Design, Software Designers and Web Designe
Corporate Events and Event Organisers Directory
Database of events companies, event management, corporate events and event organisers.
Food Directory
UK Food and Drink directory, a listing of Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Food from UK Regions, Drink and Beverages. Also you can site submit your website or URL to Food Directory.
Funeral Directory
The Funeral Database is a database of funeral directors and monumental, masons, funeral service, funeral , funeral homes and listing of memorial web sites.
Jobs Directory
A jobs directory of job boards and job listings web sites. Also you can site submit your website or URL to Jobs Directory.
Lawyers Directory
A legal portal of UK legal firms. A comprehensive directory of UK Lawyer & law firm web sites. Also you can submit your web site or URL to Lawyers Directory.
Public Relations Directory
A Public Relation database of UK public relations consultants, public relations agency, public relations jobs, public relations company, public relations recruitment, business to business in public relations & public relations training.
Media Directory
A Media directory of post production directory of companies who make and manufacturer film, television and video, into VHS, DVD, QuickTime and AVI formats.
Motor Cars Database
car dealers, motoring news and reviews
RFID Directory
Radio Frequency Identification Directory about RFID companies, readers, printers, systems, manufacturers and technology consultancy.
MLM Directory
The Multi Level Directory, MLM is a direcory of Small and Home Business Entrepreneurs Resource. Also you can submit your web site or URL to MLM Directory.
Wine Database
Wine database of vineyards, wine lists and wine shops. Also Wine Database has information on wine business, wine business for sale, wine franchise and wine & news articles. Also you can submit your web site or URL to Wine Directory.
Affiliate Program - directory affiliate programs
A directory of web affiliate programs and associate programs. A listing directory of affiliates for both webmasters and merchants looking for affiliate program information.
Disaster Recovery Resources
The Disaster Recovery Resources is database of Backup Software Solutions, Business Continuity, Data Recovery, Disaster Management, Disaster Recovery Companies, Disaster Recovery Guides, Disaster Recovery Hardware & Disaster Recovery Hosting.
Hosting Companies Directory
Web Hosting Directory & Resources in the UK, searchable directory of UK web hosting companies including virtual, dedicated, windows, unix and co-located servers.
Web Designers Directory
Web Designers Directory is a directory of web designers from England, Scotland, Wales and Europe.
Charities Directory
Listing of charity and charities. Online directory of charities, support services to charity and non profit making organisations. Also you can submit your website or URL to Charity Directory.
FMCG Brands Directory
FMCG directory for fast moving consumer goods industry a resources for brand managers and FMCG companies. Listing all online FMCG brands websites.
Link Exchange UK
We are the UK Link Exchange, you submit a site to link to us and we put a reciprocal link back to you for free. Also you can submit your website or URL to Link Exchange.
Medicines Directory
A health directory of medicine, disease and illness. Also information on Alternative Medicines, Chinese Medicine, Drugs, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Natural Medicine & Sport Medicine
Shop Britain
Portal for online shopping with in the UK. All types of shops from entertainment, leisure, computers, business, electrical, music and homes & garden stores.
Golf Course Directory
A directory of golf courses and ranges in the UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England. Also list of golf courses in Spain, France, USA and Canada.
IT Job - UK IT jobs, vacancies and recruitment.
UK job vacancies, services for adding and searching employment and recruitment. Vacancies added by employers and employment agencies.
Graduate Jobs, graduate recruitment & graduate career
Employers and recruitment agencies to post jobs to the web site. Helping to finding graduates the best jobs in the UK.
Clownfish Internet Services Ltd
We are an experienced IT company providing 24 Hr. 1st level IT support services across the whole of the south east.
Public Relations Directory
UK public relations consultants, public relations agency and public relations jobs, post your press release for free.
leading provider of carrier-neutral data centers and managed services.
Below Zero
Scottish Colocation And Server Hosting, we are Scotland's only Colocation specialists
Broadband service provider for the TV, Film, Audio and Media industries.
Offer a variety of leased line options, co-location and site hosting.
Netsight Internet Solutions
Leased lines, web hosting, web design and domain registration.
Offers two-way broadband internet access across Europe. Pricing is available for UK users. Charges include installation and a monthly fee for a given bandwidth allocation.
Providers of bi-directional satellite based internet access. Packages are bandwidth limited and offer unlimited data throughput.
ZDNet UK's Wifi Map
This interactive map provides the location of Wifi hot spots across Great Britain. The map is frequently updated and gives street-level information of which hotels, railway stations and cafes offer Wifi access.
Wires 2 Wireless
wires2wireless is a UK supplier of wireless hardware. Community Wireless Internet Access
Bath based not-for-profit, public access wireless network club. Featuring information on how to build community wireless networks. Includes FAQs, how-tos, costings (in Sterling), a mailing list and a listing of operational community groups in the UK and
Describes its coverage area and includes prices, services and FAQ.
Freedom Wireless
UK based Wifi Wireless networking company. They cover all aspects of wireless networking including the hardware, installation, set-up and support.
Wireless connection with speeds of up to 1Mbps. Priced by data rate and bandwidth usage, with limited coverage and line of sight required to a base station.
Wifi Help is an online community for UK Wifi enthusiasts around the world.
Offers ADSL internet access, BT SurfTime based packages (evening only and unlimited) 0800 packages as well as 0845 access.
Offers ADSL and unmetered dial-up or subscription free internet access packages. Also offers fixed amounts of 0800 internet access for a fixed fee.
Offers ADSL, subscription-based internet access or unmetered 24/7 access. Internet software provided includes parental controls.
Demon Internet Ltd
Offers ADSL, leased line, ISDN and BT SurfTime-based unmetered dialup packages.
Freedom 2 Surf
Unmetered access offered through BT SurfTime package. They also provide ADSL connectivity.
Offers ADSL, leased line and dial-up internet access. Also offers domain registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, server co-location and a number of network security products.
Offers a choice of ADSL or a specified number (12, 20, 35, 80, weekend, evening) of hours per month 0800 access for a fixed monthly fee.
ADSL provider listing with prices, news, technical FAQs and busy message board. Part of the Maximum PC network.
Kingston Communications Limited
Offers ADSL, unmetered subscription and subscription free internet access under the 'Karoo' brand name to Hull and surrounding areas.
ADSL access via a serial connection, free technical support and video on demand.
Easynet UK
ISP offering ADSL, leased line and ISDN connectivity and additionally, web hosting.
Offers ADSL and BT SurfTime packages as well as web hosting, domain registration, leased lines.
Offers a number of packages: unmetered access, subscription-free access, reduced rate access for a fixed fee and ADSL internet access.
Offers ADSL, reduced rate and unmetered dial-up internet access packages and is also a long distance telephone provider.
Provides ADSL, SDSL, ISDN and dial-up modem access, web hosting, server co-location and web design.
Zen Internet
Offers ADSL, modem and ISDN internet access, domain registration, web design, web and e-commerce hosting using Actinic products.
Eclipse Internet
Offers ADSL and dial-up internet access, domain registration, web hosting, server co-location, Actinic catalogue hosting and leased lines.
Atlas Internet
Offers unmetered access via BT SurfTime packages and ADSL for business users, including bundled web space. Server co-location is also available.
ADSL and subscription based ISP that also offers leased line connectivity, web development, hosting and server co-location.
MultiThread: The UK ADSL FAQ
Features broadband news, ADSL providers listing and broadband links.
Providers of ADSL, ISDN and dial-up modem internet access, domain registration, web hosting and web design.
Netkonect Communications
Provides ADSL and subscription-free internet access, leased lines and virtual ISP services. Also offers web hosting, server co-location and domain registration.
Offers a BT based unmetered internet access and subscription free access, domain registration and web design.
Charity Days
Offers ADSL, fixed price limited access packages and subscription free dial-up internet access. Donates a portion of income to charity.
Onyx Internet
Offers leased line, ADSL, subscription ISDN and modem access. It also provides co-location services, web hosting and design.
Provider of ADSL, dial-up and ISDN internet access.
Aviators Network
Offers ADSL access, leased line, BT Surftime based unmetered or local call modem dial-up internet access, domain registration and server co-location.
SkyNet Internet Services
Offers ADSL, leased line and subscription based internet access, web hosting and server co-location.
World of ADSL
ADSL discussion site featuring news, information, technical FAQs, provider listings, a weekly newsletter and message boards.
Griffin Internet
Offer ADSL, subscription-free dialup, leased lines, hosting and server co-location.
Timewarp Internet
ADSL, modem, ISDN and leased line access. Also provide web hosting, design and programming services.
Offers ADSL connectivity with optional firewall.
Offers ADSL, off-peak or 24/7 unmetered access with a minimum 6 month contract.
Offer ADSL, SDSL, subscription dialup access, server hosting and co-location and secure e-commerce services.
Unofficial HomeChoice FAQ
Covers connection optimisation and connection sharing using HomeChoice and information for those having difficulty enabling services such as ICQ and Napster.
Offers company-wide email and internet access, based around modem, ISDN or ADSL connectivity.
Internet For Business
Business ADSL, ISDN and leased line connectivity, server hosting and design.
Offers an ADSL packages for domestic use, unmetered access packages using BT's FRIACO product and a subscription-free access.
Abel Internet
Packages offered include ADSL access, off-peak and anytime unmetered access, as well as a metered dial-up service.
Inweb Networks
ADSL and subscription based ISP that also offer hosting and colocation.
Offers ADSL, FRIACO based unmetered access and reduced rate subscription-free internet access and virtual domain hosting.
4TheNET Internet
Offers ADSL and unmetered internet access packages with webspace and email and the option of domain hosting.
100 Percent IT
Business oriented ISP offering leased lines, SDSL and web site hosting.
Offers, pay as you go, broadband ADSL and anytime unmetered internet access packages.
Custom Access
Offers ADSL, dial-up modem and ISDN internet access and web hosting.
Provide services nationwide for home and business customers. Features FAQ and other information about ADSL.
ISP offering ADSL connectivity, web hosting, domain registration and colocation.
A cable modem service is available in areas covered by ntl. A 24/7 unmetered access package dependent upon a minimum monthly NTL telephone bill is also available.
Cable Modem Centre
News, forums and online provider monitoring tools.
Broadband cable modem ISP from Telewest. Available in regions served by the Telewest cable company.
Proxy Info Pages
Database of proxy servers used by NTL and Blueyonder, along with benchmark information.
Blueyonder Users
Users' group including FAQs and Blueyonder specific forums.
Robin Walker's Cable Modem Pages
Features extensive troubleshooting tips, a simple speed test and DOCSIS diagnostics. Covers both NTL and Blueyonder services.
Complaints, praise, news and a forum for ntl users. Includes links to ntl newsgroups and discussions with dial-up, cable modem and digital TV users.
Cable UK
Provides cable modem information and discussion.
IT Network Wales
A summer placement programme providing employment for students in further education.
Recruitment company features contract and permanent computer positions, CV design, and helpful hints and tips.
Contractor UK
Advice, articles and information for contractors.
London-based consultancy specialising in the international recruitment of New Media and IT professionals. Ltd
Searchable database of web and internet based jobs.
Robert Half Technology
Milton Keynes based with job search, CV registration and contact details.
IT Jobs Post
IT jobs vacancy site offering a search system for candidates and free job posting for employers & agencies.
Inspired IT Recruitment
UK Specialists in the placement and recruitment of IT Professionals. Based in Manchester but covers the whole of the UK.
Computer related jobs offered online or via email subscription. Free web mail, interview and CV advice.
Spring Group
Offering customised recruitment, job search and opportunities for executives and professionals in industry and trade.
Prospectus IT Recruitment
Shepperton based specialising in Pick. Site shows job search and jobs by email service.
Specialist IT recruitment consultancy providing contract and permanent staff to UK and European blue chip clients.
Key People
Recruitment and resourcing agency specialising in contract and permanent technical staff for all industries.
Jobs Domain
Free jobs advertising and easy to use job searching features for finding computer jobs, nationally and internationally.
Haybrook Appointments
Permanent and Contract IT staff, and Human Resources Consultancy in IT environments.
Donnington Associates
Networking and communications recruitment specialists.
International Employment and Training
Jobs and training placements for graduates seeking work in the USA.
IT Technical and Space Recruitment
OCC supplier of both permanent contract iT and Technical jobs to computer personnel in the UK and Europe
Morgan Howard
Suppliers of executives and leaders to IT, telecommunications and e-business organisations.
Computer Staff
Features online search for permanent and contract jobs, post CV and graduate corner.
Provides statistics on the current UK computing job market.
HW Search and Selection
London based IT recruitment company covers UK and Europe. Limited 'Jobs of the week' list.
Lorien Plc
High-tech jobs and consulting, training, customer management and engineering services.
The Skills Market
Recruitment service for IT professionals. CV generation, market rates, news and events.
Dynamic IT recruitment consultancy providing integrated solutions for the financial and technology sectors.
NB Recruitment
IT contract and permanent vacancies for professional technical staff, in both the public and private sector.
Job board for the information technology sector. View jobs and submit CV.
Laser Computer Recruitment
Specialist recruitment firm looking for AS/400, ERP, CRM, E-commerce, PC, Network clients and jobseekers.
Searchable database of contractors.
Company offering a wide spread of IT positions also advice on recruitment, careers, finding a job and filling a vacancy.
Oxygen Online
Offers limited company services to IT workers, consultants for agents seeking staff, advice and the possibility of work permit sponsorship for overseas jobseekers.
An IT jobsite providing searching, jobs by email and job applications for the UK and Europe.
WA Consultants Ltd
Exeter based IT recruitment specialist jointly focused on contracting and permanent placements.
Enterprise Recruitment
Berkhamsted based agency specialising in embedded software developer roles and electronics jobs.
Midwest Computer Consultants
Hereford based with contract and permanent services, testimonials and contact details.
Search over 600 recruitment agencies for internet and programming jobs online. CV store and agency list.
Altrincham based with job opportunities, guide to contracting, services and online brochure.
Winchester based with candidate registration, job search and contact details.
Corporate Partnerships Ltd
Recruitment of computer professionals to the UK from all over the world. Offers help with visas.
RDP Consultancy
Hampshire based with job search, press releases and contact details.
Encore Technical Solutions Ltd
Specialists in Permanent and Contract Technical Recruitment, who provide an online vacancy list.
Help offered in emailing your CV to recruiters and employment agencies, according to your profession and region.
Job Force
Recruitment site for sales, technical, computer and telecoms jobs in the UK.
MCG Computer Solutions
Middlesex based with Permanent and contract vacancies, vacancy registration, CV registration and contact details.
Crescere Resourcing
Milton Keynes based agency with large job search facility and details of agency management services, general services and CV registration.
Milton Keynes based with contract and permanent job search, jobs by email and contact details.
Hewlett Martin Recruitment
Offers permanent recruitment solutions for both clients and job seekers. Features interview guide.
John Ford Recruitment
Permanent vacancies for software and hardware engineers with a good degree and at least one year's experience.
Offers IT professionals jobs, salary surveys, email service, advice and news.
IT Jobs Online
Recruitment company specialising in the areas of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and London.
Computer Futures
Technical jobs ranging from Business Analysts and network/Comms specialists to Data warehousing and System Development.
IT Security Jobs
Features jobs in the IT security industry for information security managers, consultants and other professionals.
HarrisonFaul Associates
Reading based featuring job search, contact details and links.
SyntaxNet Consultancy
IT recruitment agency based in Midlands, covering both contract and permanent computer job opportunities.
LA International
Online job search for computer and engineering contract professionals, nationally and in Europe.
MCW Group
The complete IT solution - services include sales of hardware, software, networking, training, maintenance and IT recruitment.
Unix Recruitment
Surrey based, site features Unix jobs, terms of business and contact details.
Provides all areas of the commercial and technical computer industry with quality permanent and contract personnel.
Hampshire based with office in Cheshire, site features job search, CV registration and terms of business.
Widevision Recruitment (East Anglia)
Specialising in all areas of the development cycle; permanent and contract opportunities
Eurolink Global
Recruitment agency with many years of experience placing skilled professionals into quality jobs worldwide.
Contract and permanent. Surrey, UK
New Media Recruitment
Focussing exclusively on the recruitment of new media staff.
Comms Liveware Recruitment
We are a specialist communications recruitment agency placing LAN / WAN and communications professionals primarily in the City, London and Home Counties.
Virtual Resources
Manchester based niche supplier with customer login, contact details and job search.
A S Recruitment
Derby based agency, site delivers information on Agency Management topics and a salray survey.
Dart Resourcing
Slough based agency, site delivers job search, CV and interview tips, CV registration and information about contracting.
Computer Recruitment Services
Professional IT recruitment provider for banking, e-commerce, ERP and telecoms.
Jobs and features specific to people working with IT and Internet.
Daisy Executive
Specialists in the technology and particularly telecoms sector offer job listing and company information.
Free service for candidates and clients offering CV posting and candidate search.
Inta People Ltd
Cardiff based recruitment consultancy lists the latest job offers, news and professional services.
Hotfoot Resourcing Ltd
Provides permanent IT recruitment, based in the North West of England.
Kostals Consultancy
Gloucester based featuring job openings, contact details and testimonials.
Outsource UK
Swindon based, features permanent and contract vacancies, client services and contact details.
Dream IT
Career advice and CV tips to complement a jobs database with a search function.
Full Circle Recruitment
London based with CV registration and contact details.
Daylight Resources
Database of screened candidates including developers, trainers, and consultants to match against employers' requirements.
Hyphen UK
Thousands of contract and permanent vacancies from employers throughout the UK.
People Search Consultants
People Search are: search only, assignment driven, focussed on IT, IT knowledgeable. We specialise in IT professionals in Management, Technical and Sales roles for the Financial sector and its principal technology suppliers.
Mary Barber Consultants
Macclesfield based agency with jobs and contact details.
Piranha Group
Sevenoaks based with job search, vacancy capture, fun area with bulletin board system and games.
Futrine recruitment
Trowbridge based features registration and contact details.
Summit Computer Recruitment
Plymouth based with job search, vacancy post and CV registration.
Hurst Group
Essex based consultancy, site shows job search, CV registration and client services.
Project IT Resource
IT consultancy providing contract and permanent recruitment. Submit a CV or vacancy or search for jobs.
James Rushmore
Recruitment and career development specialists.
Paragon IT
Features include online job search, submit CV and advice for professional candidates.
Pathway IT
Contract and permanent IT recruitment service with vacancies throughout the UK.
KRS International
IT recruitment consultants offer daily vacancy list. Based in London.
IT Opportunities
One stop shop featuring contract and permanent work offers, jobs by e-mail and CV storage space.
Ianar Networks Ltd
Vacancy registration for companies and CV registration for job seekers.
Webnet IT
St Albans based featuring job search, candidate registration form and contact details.
Net Workers International
Covers niche vertical markets in the information technology and telecommunications industry.
Specialist technology recruitment firm which focuses on the technology, media and telecommunications sector.
White and Nunn
Specialist supplier of contract staff to the communications, IT, networking and telecoms industries.
JBS Solutions
Yorkshire based specialists in JADE showing candidate and client services and contact details.
Futures Ltd.
Recruitment specialists to the computer industry in the UK, EU and USA.
Priam Solutions
Specialising in e-commerce, network solutions sales, telecommunications, PC support and networking jobs.
Computer Connect
Serves recruitment needs within the IT environment, providing a professional and ethical solution.
Elan Recruitment Ltd.
Agency in the Docklands area of London specialises in both temporary and permanent positions in computing and telecoms.
The Kennedy Partnership
Permanent and contract recruitment firm specialising in the international banking and financial arena.
In Touch Recruitment
Opportunities for systems analysts, programmers, network engineers, developers and other professionals.
Isherwood Recruitment
Recruiting software, internet/web, IT/IS and other technical professionals for full-time positions.
DMS Computer Recruitment
Based in Bedford, features jobs, online CV builder and contact details.
Maximus - IT
London based with bias on Oracle jobs. CV resgistration and contact details.
Lateral Solutions
High technology jobs in telecommunications, IT and the electronics sectors.
Global Interface
International recruitment agency and executive search for jobs in eCRM, telecomms markets, computer telephony and security.
IT Britain
Information Technology jobs for professionals seeking recruitment in this sector.
Semiconductor Executives
Provides specialist recruitment solutions to semiconductor, EDA and development tool companies including executive search.
Sheridan Associates
Recruitment consultants offering contract and permanent technical jobs in the south west of England.
Parity Resources
Recruitment specialists dedicated to supplying high value technology staffing solutions.
MilCorp Consultancy
An integrated executive search, IT recruitment, IT contracting and active marketing solutions practice.
Top IT Jobs
Independent vacancy advertising site operating in a joint venture with MCL Consulting.
KBA IT Recruitment Limited
Solihull based technical agency, site shows jobs for Hardware Engineers, UK wide.
i2i Resources
Recruitment consultancy specialising in e-business, CRM/ERP, telecomms, banking and finance.
1st Rics Ltd
Specializing in recruiting Russian programmers for the UK companies. Supply permanent staff and contractors.
OutStep IT
Online directory of jobs available in Edinbrugh and the surrounding areas. Online job details and CV submission.
Just Java People
Recruitment site dedicated to finding jobs for java programmers.
Hive Ltd
Provides quality executive search service for middle and senior management positions within the IT and FMCG industries.
Delivering recruitment results for the UK technology companies, including executive search and recruitment outsourcing.
Q and A
Quality of service reviews for contract agencies.
Libra Consulting
Supplier of technical professionals, from junior to a senior level, on a contractor and permanent bases.
Medlock Associates
Based in Kent, site features jobs, testimonials, client list and contacts.
Selling People
Focus: Information technology sales. Includes company manager and sales executive resources and products.
People Connectors
UK based specialists in computer programming, systems development and web development staff. Vacancies updated daily covering the Midlands and the South West.
Provide recruitment services to companies looking for network and Internet security personnel.
Forest Personnel
Reading based with candidate and client services and contact details.
Omnium IT recruitment
Recruitment firm based in the Midlands covering the whole of the UK. Also offers support, counselling and advice on employment related issues.
OCT Computing Ltd
IT recruitment for financial markets in the investment banking arena.
Recruitment for new and experienced IT professionals.
Macworld Job Finder
A mac specific search engine. Offers free advertising for posting Mac based jobs.
Optima Connections
Buckinghamshire based with job search, contact details and vacancy registration.
Image Computer Consultants
Newbury based agency management business. Features CV and interview tips.
Hyperlink IT Recruitment
Leeds based agency, site shows live jobs for development, support and networking roles.
IT Staff - Cameron Kennedy IT
Search thousands of jobs and submit your resume for employers to view
Guru Resourcing
Tunbridge Wells based agency, site shows CV and interview advice together with contact details.
St Albans based agency with job search and client services.
Next Move
Birmingham based agency. Site shows testimonials, CV and Interview tips, together with live jobs.
Payne Associates
Birmingham based agency specialising in campaign management. Site shows testimonials and service offerings.
Staff-Match Recruitment Ltd
Agency providing contract & permanent IT personnel (mostly permanent)
JobServe IT
Offers searchable IT job listings, an agency directory, CV storage and jobs-by-email service.
Mankind Careers
High Wycombe based with job search, career tips, client services and contact details.
Finding-IT Personnel
Swindon based with candidate login, services, testimonials and contact details.
York Data Services
Provider of co-location hosting facilities
TeleCity London
TeleCity is the leading European provider of colocation infrastructure and data centre facilities.
The Bunker
The most secure hosting facility in the UK
Netcetera Ltd.
Our services are biased towards Microsoft based Internet Technologies - we have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1999.
I. T. Mover = Packing, Relocation, Transport
Specialist computer movers and packers
Chorver Internet Technologies Ltd
Specialising in Co-location
Netsquare Group Data Services
Netsquare provide disaster recovery and business continuity services from a former nato nuclear bunker located along the m4 corridor
Poundhost Internet Services
Providing dedicated servers, co-location and rackspace in the south east
Server World
Server hosting for windows
Secure Access Systems
High security physical entry system
Tier 1 data centre providing many services including: dedicated hosting, managed services, web hosting and colocation
Lumison Limited
A Scottish Business Datacentre and ISP
Northern Ireland's only data centre
Internet Facilitators
Internet Facilitators offers Internet Hosting, colocation and Internet Services to customers in the UK especially the north.
Commerce Media
Commerce Media - secure data centre services to BS7799
Dedicated Servers
Features co-location and build-your-own servers.
Global Switch
Scale, quality and value enable us to deliver uniquely flexible space solutions for large and small businesses worldwide.
Telehouse Docklands
Europes Leading Neutral Colocation facility
Europe's specialist datacentre services company
Level 3 (Nasdaq: LVLT) is an international communications and information services company and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company operates one of the largest communications and Internet backbones in the world.
Easynet is a leading Internet Service Provider and telecommunications company based in the United Kingdom
Global Crossing
Global Crossing provides telecommunications solutions over the world's first integrated global IP-based network.
Specialists in shared and dedicated hosting, domain name registration & Co-location Services.
Virtual Internet
Virtual Internet has invested millions in a dedicated network infrastructure to guarantee that its hosting services are world class.
Tyco Telecommunications
Tyco Telecommunications is a fully integrated supplier of undersea optical networks and major-city colocation and data center facilities. We also are deploying and offering transoceanic capacity on the Tyco Global Network.
Telecom One Ltd
Telecom One is Europe's fastest growing telecoms operator with annual sales last year in excess of ?55 million.
Managed it services for global switch data centres
Telecity Datacentres & Managed It Services, plus TeleCity is a leading independent carrier neutral data centre operator
Redbus Interhouse
Colocation, Data Centre and Managed Service Provider
Telstra Europe
Telstra UK is a provider of IP based communication services to large and medium sized organisations.
Mnet Internet Limited
mnet is a Business ISP specialising in providing the highest level of service for the most demanding users
Redbus Netherlands
Redbus is de toonaangevende, pan-Europese, onafhankelijke leverancier van Internet Data Centre-diensten.
JINX / CINX Johannesburg and Capetown Internet Exchanges
JINX / CINX are operated by The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) of South Africa.
Kenya Internet Exchange Point
The KIXP is the facility which keeps Kenyan Internet traffic in Kenya.
South African Internet Exchange - SAIX
Overview with short presentation.
GIX - Ghana Internet Exchange
The Ghana Internet Exchange is a project that links ISPs and NSPs in the Greater Accra area to an Internet Exchange Point.
Tanzania Internet Exchange
Internet eXchange Point in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Connection local ISPs and routing local internet traffic locally. Run by ISP Association.
Japan Internet eXchange
Hong Kong Internet eXchange
Cooperative project to interconnect Internet Access Providers (IAPs) to provide the exchange of intra-Hong Kong traffic locally. Includes guidelines and policies, operating environment information, and current IAPs.
Korea Internet Neutral eXchange Center
National Internet eXchange of India
The National Internet Exchange website for various Exchanges across India.
SingTel Internet Exchange
Taiwan Internet eXchange
LINX London Internet Exchange
UK based nonprofit exchange, used largely between ISPs.
Manchester Network Access Point - MaNAP
Overview with presentation, rules and regulation. [Flash]
XchangePoint Europe
Commercial Internet Exchange Services in London U.K. and Hamburg, Germany.
London Network access Point - LoNaP
Internet exchange in the London docklands area with rules and regulations, background statistics with a looking glass interface.
LIPEX - London Internet Providers Exchange
Started in October of 2001 as an alternative peering point in London, U.K.
FreeIX - Free Internet Exchange Point in Paris, France
Founded in 2000, The Free Internet Exchange is the world first Internet Exchange without any monthly or yearly charges.
PARIX Gigabit Ethernet Interconnection Service
Located in Paris, France. Memberlist, traffic statistics and network topology.
POUIX Paris Internet Exchange
POUIX is managed by Gitoyen.
FNIX6 (French National Internet Exchange IPv6) is the first french IPv6 Internet Exchange. FNIX6 is without any charges.
SFINX : Service for French Internet Exchange
Operated by Renater, SFINX is available at several locations in Paris.
MAE Paris
Operated by MCI, MAE Services provide public peering services for Internet Service Providers.
Lyonix - Neutral internet exchange point in Lyon
Information, memberlist and glossary. French only.
EuroGIX - a Global Internet Exchange in Alsace
Located in Strasbourg.
BCIX Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange
BCIX is an independent regional peering point in Berlin. German only.
N-IX N?rnberg Internet Exchange, Germany
Regional exchange point facility, located in N?rnberg, Germany. Only Gigabit-Ethernet Ports are being offered. Private VLANs and 3 Root-Nameservers for private peerings available. German.
DE-CIX Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange
Presentation about the services offered, requirements and online memberlist with traffic and prefix-lists.
INXS - Munich and Hamburg Internet Exchange
Overview with online memberlist.
MAE Frankfurt
Operated by MCI, MAE Services provide public peering services for Internet Service Providers.
ECIX D?sseldorf
The ECIX DUS is a neutral exchange point in D?sseldorf, operating a next generation exchange point for carriers and isps.
ECIX Berlin
The ECIX BER is a neutral exchange point in Berlin, operating a next generation exchange point for carriers and isps.
fraNAP - frankfurt Network Access Point
fraNAP is live with appx. 10 participants. fraNAP is a free internet exchange.
Work-IX Hamburg, Germany
Internet Exchange which offers free peering. German.
HHCIX: Hansestadt Hamburg Commercial Internet Exchange
Verein mit dem Zweck, in Hamburg einen Internet Exchange aufzubauen und zu betreiben.
F-IX Frankfurt Internet Exchange
Peering point with public peering and IP Transit services at the facilities of InterXion Telecom.
Ruhr-CIX Ruhr Commercial Internet Exchange
Der Peering-Point f?r Essen, Dortmund, Bochum und Duisburg.
MSK-IX Moscow Internet Exchange, Russia
Overview, looking-glass and memberlist (more than 100 participants).
SPB-IX St. Petersburg Internet Exchange
SPB-IX is operated by RIPN Russian institute for public networks.
FICIX Finnish Commercial Internet Exchange
Overview with online memberlist.
TREX Tampere Region Exchange
TREX will focus on improving exchange point services, and on being a research and development platform for future communications technology and the Internet infrastructure.
TIX Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange
Presentation about the largest peering point in Switzerland, online memberlist with tools and links.
CIXP Geneva, Switzerland
The CERN Internet eXchange Point (CIXP) is a distributed neutral Internet exchange point for the Geneva area.
SwissIX Swiss Internet Exchange
SwissIX is a non-profit association and operates a distributed peering platform within Switzerland, without any monthly or yearly peering port fees.
Amsterdam Internet Exchange - AMS-IX
2nd largest Internet Exchange in Europe, based in Amsterdam.
NL-ix Netherlands Internet Exchange
Distributed low cost Internet Exchange in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Dutch-German Internet Exchange - NDIX
Overview with the organisation behind, infrastructure, costs and entrypoint for newcomers.
GN-IX Groningen Internet Exchange
Center for broadband connectivity and Internet services in the Northern Netherlands. It offers peering, switching and housing facilities to Internet Access (ISP's) and Service Providers.
NaMeX - Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange, Rome
The largest IXP of central and southern Italy.
TOP-IX Torino Piemonte Internet Exchange
The aim of Top-IX Consortium is to develop a interchange platform for broadband internet in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.
MIX Milan Internet Exchange
Presentation about the italian exchange point.
Netnod Sweden
Netnod establishes and operates National Internet Exchange Points in Sweden.
SOL-IX Open local Internet Exchange in Stockholm
Offers GigE and FE Connection. Appx. 20 members.
FreeBIX - Free Belgian Internet Exchange
FreeBIX provides a free and reliable high speed interconnection between organizations located in Interxion Belgium and is without any charges.
Belgian National Internet Exchange - BNIX
Former Belnet (Belgian National Research Network) Internet Exchange Point. Service overview with memberlist.
ESPANIX Punto Neutro Espa?ol de Internet
Located in Madrid.
MAD-IX Madrid Internet Exchange
Located in the telco district in the north of Madrid, it offers excellent relialable, secure and neutral connectivity to ISPs, carriers and other networks seeking to interconnect for public or private peering.
CATNIX Catalunya Neutral Internet Exchange
Located in Barcelona.
The Science, Technology, And Research Transit Access Point
Network Data Centers, Internet Exchange Services: Equinix
Neutral data centers and Internet exchange services across the U.S. for enterprises, content companies and network services providers.
The purpose of MAGPI is to provide Internet and Internet2 connectivity to its member institutions.
Pittsburgh Internet eXchange (PitX)
Western Pennsylvania regional network exchange point with several major ISPs participating
San Diego Network Access Point
Palo Alto Internet eXchange
California regional network exchange point with over 100 participants
Ameritech - Chicago NAP
Internet exchange point where ISPs can meet to exchange traffic with other attached ISPs using a layer 2 switched service. Includes a detailed product description, pricing, current members, and traffic statistics.
MAE Internet Exchange Points
MAE West (San Jose), MAE Central (Dallas, Westmont/Chicago), MAE East (Vienna, Reston, Ashburn, New York) are operated by MCI and provide public peering services.
New York International Internet eXchange - NYIIX
Internet eXchange point based in New York
New York City IPv6 Exchange - NY6IX
IPv6-based Internet exchange located in New York City for the purpose of exchanging native IPv6 traffic. Includes location information, technical details, current participants, recent news and long-term plans.
LAAP - Los Angeles Access Point
The LAAP provides physical interconnections at geographically dispersed locations for its participants to exchange Internet traffic through co-operative bi-lateral peering agreements.
Los Angeles International Internet eXchange - LAIIX
A neutral exchange points on the US West coast and is operated by Telehouse.
The Voice Peering Fabric
A distributed Layer 2 Ethernet Exchange for the purpose of exchanging VoIP traffic.
Ottawa Internet eXchange
Provides a peering point for all local Internet traffic for Internet service providers, large corporate entities, and educational facilities. Includes current peers, FAQs, policies, and bulletins.
NAP of the Americas
Network Access Point in Miami, Florida
Regional Exchange Peering Forum
The Regional Exchange Peering Forum is focused on issues of regional and local exchange operators and regional and local Internet peering.
Atlanta, GA Internet eXchange.
The Columbus Internet Exchange
Seattle Internet Exchange
New York City Metro Internet Exchange
The NYCX Internet Exchange is an Internet Exchange in North America to be founded upon Distributed Virtual Switch technology.
Indianapolix data exchange.
British Columbia Internet eXchange
TORIX: The Toronto Internet Exchange
Provides a junction between multiple points of Internet presence for all the local Internet bandwidth users in the Metro Toronto Area. Includes a company profile, a current list of peer companies, mail lists, and traffic statistics.
Utah REP
Internet Exchange point in Utah
Hawaii Internet Exchange
Internet NAP Columbia
NAP Chile
Description and memberlist (appx. 20 participants). Spanish.
NAP Peru
Description and memberlist.
Wellington Internet Exchange
The WIX is an ethernet-based neutral peering point running over the Citylink metropolitan network in Wellington, New Zealand.
Auckland Peering Exchange
PIPE Networks: Internet Exchanges across Australia
Internet Exchanges in Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney.
Gold Coast Peering Point Proposal
Advocates the creation of a peering point on the Gold Coast
Israeli Internet Exchange - IIX
Overview with background information.
Emirates Internet Exchange - EMIX
Connectivity to the Internet in the Asia region. [Flash]
LCL Telehousing
LCL owns in Brussels Belgium a telecommunications housing facility.
Datacenter Luxembourg S.A.
Your gateway to European e-Business. Carrier independent, professional, secure and redundant co-location services and facilities.
NetGroup Data Center A/S
In business it is not enough to have a world class product - you also need world class sales and marketing to tell the world that the product is here and deliver that message in a professional manner.
Keyzone Computer Products Ltd
Data & Server Cabinet, Server Racks and Open Racks
TechRack Systems
Server racks, data cabinets, rackmount servers, open relay racks
Kn?rr AG
Kn?rr produces 19 inch network racks, server racks, enclosures and cabinets.
SQ Soft
Shared, VPS and Dedicated for end-users and resellers.
Ensim Hosting Software
Control panels for Linux & Windows, dedicated, shared, reseller hosting
HostFlow Business Suite
Intended for growing hosting providers, ISPs and telecommunications providers. HostFlow is ideal to consolidate multiple customer bases onto a unified platform post-acquisition, significantly reducing service management overheads and operating costs.
Secure I.T. Disposals Ltd
Secure IT Destruction - data destruction and removal services, computer recycling and redundant computer disposal
Waste Management, Disposal, Recovery & Recycling for the UK from WasteCare. Find out what wastecare & associated companies can do for your individual waste recycling & waste disposal issues.
Comms Room Services Ltd.
Comms Room Services specialises in design and build, installation, refurbishment, repatching, relocation, maintenance and support of associated infrastructure in computer and communications rooms; as well as flood and fire disaster recovery and implementa
Carrino Flooring
Generally these areas house sophisticated IT equipment where a high density of data cabling and services are converging and require frequent access to the floor void.
Refurbed Cisco Hardware: Routers, Switches, Modules and Accessories. Ex-stock, 40-80% off.
Remarketed Cisco, with warranted routers, switches, parts
Computer Computer
Computer Computer Ltd. offers a full range of options for users of Cisco products. From discounted new and used hardware, to disaster recovery and maintenance, Computer Computer reduces the cost of ownership of Cisco products.
Veritas Software
Backup solutions specifically designed for desktop and laptop computers for your home, small office or corporate environment. Home of NetBackup Backup Exec software for Windows NT, UNIX and Netware.
Provides automatic backup software and storage solutions to help protect, secure, capture and share digital valuables. [Windows/Macintosh]
Professional network backup software for Linux, UNIX, NOVELL, NT, professional and shareware version available.
Dantz Development Corporation
Makers of Retrospect backup software for Windows and Macintosh.
Connected Corporation
PC backup and self repair software. Desktop, laptop, remote backup, automatic application and system repair. Data recovery, replicate exact user lost or crash system, PC upgrade and field swap with all user data. eService and enterprise software.
Yosemite Technologies
Producers of TapeWare backup software and Disaster Recovery software solutions. Download trial version and service packs, fact sheets, support and corporate information.
BakBone Software Inc.
Develops and globally distributes high performance software solutions to the NAS and SAN storage environments. Backup and restore software suites provide scalable data protection. Support for all major operating systems (UNIX, Linux, NT), network storage
RepliWeb, Inc.
Specializes in peer-to-peer, many-to-one, and one-to-many file replication, file synchronization and file distribution for production environments.
Zip Backup to CD
Designed to backup your data files using the standard Zip file format, allowing backup files to be viewed and restored with most zip file utilities. Build in scheduler supporting unattended auto-backup.
LIUtilities Inc.
WinBackup will backup, restore, organize, and schedule them automatically. It will also protect data using the latest encryption techniques.
Develops vendor and platorm-independent storage software, including Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions, backup and recovery tools and disaster recovery software.
XOsoft Backup and Recovery Solution
Provider of high availability and disaster recovery solutions, has developed the WANSync product suite to provide real-time replication and synchronization of files, applications and databases over WAN.
Second Copy 2000
Copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive or across the network. Features include synchronization, compression and disk spanning. Support for removable drives.
St. Bernard Software
Offers a wide range of solutions for IT professionals. OFM prevents skipped or corrupted open files during backups.
Retrospect Server
Restore either a single file or an entire hard disk to any computer on the network including the registry. Supports all popular SCSI/ATAPI tape drives including QIC, Travan, DAT, 8 mm, AIT, and DLT. Removable cartridges, DVD, MO disks, hard disks and CD-R
File archiver with a high compression ratio. Interface integrates with Explorer. Supported formats: 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO and RPM. Free software distributed under the GNU LGPL.
Backup Plus
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME shareware from Avantrix Inc. Easy to use, backups to all types of removable media.
NovaStor Corporation
Tape backup solutions for Windows 2000/NT, Linux and NetWare network tape backup. NovaBACKUP automatically backs up your computer to just about any tape drive, disk, removable, CD-R/RW, or DVD drive.
Backup Central
Product independent site that provides free storage, backup and recovery resources, and utilities, scripts, tips and FAQs for commercial backup software.
Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.
Backup utility for automatic and real-time mirroring of folders on CD-RW, ZIP drive, and removable/floppy/network/local hard disks. Integrated with Windows shell and designed for laptop/desktop computers in home and corporate environment. [Win 95/98/ME]
Convenient and fast PC backup software solution.
Ultra Bacup
Evaluate the easy to use trial edition of UltraBac for Windows NT and 2000. 100% guaranteed performance before you buy.
Complete AIX backup and installation management software for IBM RS6000 and SP systems.
Offering data backup software for Unix and Windows network systems. Centralized data storage, data recovery software and network backup devices.
Command line Win95/98/NT freeware providing file-copy, sync, search, list, delete functions with versatile file match, exclusion and selection mechanisms. Logical Extension to XCOPY.
Argentum Software
Backup software program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It supports both manual and automatic data backup.
Storactive Inc.
LiveBackup provides continuous storage protection. Backing up file changes as they are made. Protects systems and data even when viruses attack, systems crash, or laptops are damaged or stolen.
File Backup Watcher Professional
Manual and semi-automated backup system for files and folders, features advanced backup logging and real-time monitoring. [Windows 98/2000/NT/XP]
SmartSync Software
Data backup, and files and folders synchronization software with built-in scheduler. Transfer files from the office to home and vice-versa.
My Drivers
Easy and fast detection, backup and restores of all hardware device drivers currently on a system. Also, will find the latest drivers for hardware and install them onto the computer.
Moon Software
Backup Magic is a simple, fast and compact backup/file copy utility. It does not have loads of options, but it includes all of the tools required to get your job done.[ Windows95/98/NT4]
FoldersSynchronizer official page. Synchronizes and backups folders and disks for the Macintosh.
Teradactyl, LLC.
True incremental Backup System (TiBS) redefines the way backups are managed. Centralized backup of UNIX, Windows, and AFS supports terabytes of data to each backup server from thousands of backup clients, powerful authentication and encryption with built-
Resources for backup solutions and data recovery, covering most all OS systems. Download a free 30 day trial of EaseBackup. Free Tech Support Forums.
Lone Star Software
Cactus is a backup and recovery software for Unix and Linux.
FileBack PC
Maximum Output Software can back up any file on any disk or network drive to any other disk or network drive in Windows 95, 98 or NT.
Open source, enterprise grade, perl based system for backing up Linux and Windows desktop PCs and laptops to a server's disk. Runs on Unix/Linux servers with Unix/Linux and Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP+ clients.
Backup Software
Double Image is disk backup software with ability to copy open files. Network backup is also a feature. Only files that have changed, are copied. Removable drives can be the source and the target.
Handy Backup
Easy-to-use backup program for Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP. Strong file encryption and multichoice zip compression on the fly.
Windows backup software with zip (pkzip) compression includes scheduler. Supports Network, CD, DVD, and removables. Free evaluation download.
Tape Interchange
IMdrive will restore, convert and duplicate data from a wide range of standard and proprietary magnetic tape formats. Handles IBM, 3590, Unix, DAT and others.
NewTech Infosystems, Inc.
Global developer of digital media software, including CD-Maker 2000, 'Backup NOW' the total backup solution for a CD-R/RW drive. 'Drive Backup' backup and restore program for your CD-R/RW drive.
CYA Technologies
Hot backup and disaster recovery solutions for web Content Management Systems.
CD burning application, which is suitable for both beginners and power users. Various writing modes including TAO, SAO, DAO, RAW-DAO, with Real-time MP3 conversion and supports 11 methods of copy protection. Download full version free 30-day trial.
Backup Whiz
Software download archive with backup and disk utilities for personal and enterprise level backups.
QStar Technologies, Inc.
Offering storage management software for optical, tape, CD(R/ROM) and DVD(RAM R/ROM) jukeboxes. Company offers HSM (Hiearchial Storage Management) software as well as disaster recovery based mirroring software.
Paragon Drive Backup
Create backup images of hard disk or partition in user-friendly Windows interface with just several clicks. Restore in minutes. Copy/clone working hard disk without hassle.
Drive Snapshot
Disk image based backup and restore recovery solution for Windows NT/2000/XP. Backup all of your system data from Windows. No reboot to DOS necessary. Continue to work while Backup is active.
Yosemite Technologies, Inc. - TapeWare
Backup management software for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and NetWare servers. Web-based interface available and supports multiple languages.
Software for data archiving tasks, using compression algorithm compatible with ZIP and other popular archivers, with support for external compression plug-in modules.
Onlime Media
Windows data backup, synchronization and security tools.
Backs up the Registry and important configuration files, provides protection from system crashes, and backs up any other files that you select.
Fully customizable file backup utility that performs all four backup types: full backup, differential backups, and incremental backup, mirror backup. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP]
BXCOPY Products
Makers of real-time background backup and directory mirroring tool for Windows NT. The Professional version can back up opened and locked files.
Spiralcom Communications Inc.
WinTAR-Remote is a utility for working with TAR files and backing up and restoring files on Unix remote tape drives located across a TCP/IP network.
UniTrends Software Corporation
Developers of Business Critical Backup and recovery software, products include Backup Professional, PC ParaChute, CTAR, and Crash Recovery Solutions. Tech support and White papers.
Avail Solutions
Backup, recovery, managed migration, managed replication software ideally suited for a backup appliance with built in dynamic resource allocation and tape/disk storage vault aggregation. Windows/Linux/Solaris and other OS support.
ZipBackup for Windows
Tool for backing up data to standard Zip files on hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy disk, removable drive or over a network. Wizard makes backups easy for beginners, includes advanced filtering and scheduling. Software overview, screenshots, FAQs, and trial dow
DiskArcher Software Co. - DiskArcher
Create and store backups on local and network drives. Product description, screenshot, online manual, and download.
Tantia Technologies
Harbor Backup is a client server solution for backup, recovery, archive, retrieval and automated disaster recovery. Simple point and click recovery.
KOM Networks
Offers data storage management software, Optistorm automated library driver for Windows: Creates virtual disks from optical media, and manages the jukeboxes they reside in. Provides corporate information, plus career opportunities and company news
Orbit Software
Specializing in Data Management Software for Windows, UNIX, HP3000 systems. Product include UltraBac, UNiBACK, HP 3000 tools.
Windows software for synchronization and backup of files and directories, including additional features like finding duplicate files, incremental FTP, and empty directories. Software description, screenshots, and downloads. Shareware and freeware versions
Focused on the development, marketing, and support of reliable backup software solutions on 32-bit Windows platforms.
Complete backup and zipping solution between any local, network, or removable drive.
SuperCool ZIP Backup
File backup utility. It can store backup copies in the standard ZIP format with password protection. It supports inclusion and exclusion of files by wildcard mask as well as by exact file name. [Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP]
Careful Backup
Backup important data to another folder or any type of removable media including floppy disk, ZIP, JAZ, MO, CDR/CDRW media and others. [Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP]
Emergency Recovery System (ERS 9x) backs up and restores critical Windows 95/98 and Win ME system files. An autobackup function with the ability to create rotating backups. [Time-limited Trial]
Multi-platform network backup. Backup files across different Operating systems such as Windows, Linux and others. No special devices, no proprietary formats.
Cross-platform CDs for Microsoft Windows, Unix and Macintosh using a drag and drop interface. It creates an ISO image that can be recorded with most CDR/CDRW software. The software runs on most operating systems and supports multiple languages.
Advanced Backup
Backup utility features backup of E-mail messages, ICQ, MSN, AIM, and Windows settings. Free trial download.
Symantec Ghost 6.5 Enterprise Edition
Handles the entire backup process, including the partitioning and formatting needed before reinstall can be carried out. Can restore individual files, selected directories, or entire hard drives as needed. For Windows 9.x/NT 4.0/Win2000.
Multi-platform backup program that is written entirely in Java. Back up files, with an option to compress data, on a different hard disk drive, floppies, and different partition of the same disk drive or any media an operating system can write to.
Sonic Simple Backup
Backup designed for CD-R/CD-RW on Windows 95/98/Millennium. Custom backup and restore allows you to select specific files to protect.
Home of Shadow a backup and synchronization utility which allows you to back up folders, volumes, and disks. Shareware for Windows 95 and 98.
Compare & Backup
Backup software that allows one to compare source with destination before backup. FAQs, screenshots, download, and purchase.
A disk image utility that can open, create, and extract ISO files. In addition, it can create disk images of hard, floppy and removable drives.
Aid System Restorer
Windows system backup and restore tool that uses two predefined store methods. Store all Windows files or store hard drive containment. An MS-DOS system restoration module has been created to provide fast system restoration after Windows crash. (Win 95/98
Absolute Backup Ltd.
Personal Windows backup software featuring point and click file selection, backup scheduling, logging, zip compression, password protection, and simple file restoration.
A multi-platform file backup solution that is quick and easy to run. Scheduled or manual execution with no proprietary formats or special devices needed.
AWbackuper by Lokas Software
Shareware backup system. Has multilingual interface. Makes an automatic archiving of the given data under the given schedule by means of the external archiver. For archiving one of three archivers can be used: ZIP, RAR or ARJ.
Driver Magician
Device driver backup and restoration software for windows operating system.
WinDriver Expert was design to backing up Windows system driver files. Two versions are available free and professional.
Daily Backup
Back up daily work in Windows by zipping files on shutdown or logout. Features two types of backups a complete backup processes, an incremental backup to processes the changed or newly created files.
Incremental backup solution includes a backup wizard. Product overview, FAQs, and download.
Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkCDrec)
Makes a bootable (El Torito) disaster recovery image (CDrec.iso), including backups of the Linux system to the same CD-ROM if space permits, or to a multi-volume CD-ROM set.
Backup program supports secondary action-free data autosave and database zip-backup, automatic recovery supported. [Windows 9x/Me/XP/2000]
Backup package that allows files to be backed up between different storage devices: hard drives, network drives, and removable media from Duncan Amplification. Ability to load and save backup profiles. [Win 95+/98/ME/2000/NT 4.0]
Automatic backup of critical data to work with removable media like, Zip, USB, JAZ, CD-RW and mapped network connections.
Sprite Software
Pocket PC backup and cloning solutions.
Changes Saver
Backup utility for save every file changes.
Island Codeworks
Island Codeworks Internet Backup, an online data protection system that automatically backs up small businesses' data to an offsite location via FTP. Data security is ensured through encryption.
BackRex Backup
Backup Windows, Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer custom settings and profile, such as mail, contacts, address books, mouse and sound schemes, favorites, and news folders. Downloads, FAQs, newsletter, and contact information.
Caddais Software
BackupOnDemand runs in the background and monitors important files for changes, and within seconds, modified files are backed up to an archive location. Supported platforms Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
Create various types of backups in major compression formats and supports FTP, command-line mode, external file compressors, e-Mail transferring, and scheduling. Documentation, FAQs, and trial download.
FastPath Inc.
Mainframe Dataset backup and recovery Software. Current offerings include ReMember, Source PDS backup and restore utility, and FX2000 high speed VSAM and IAM file backup and restore utility.
Higher Ground Software Inc.
Disaster recovery and disk drive rebuilding software also provides quality utility software for file recovery, virus protection software, and hard drive diagnostic software.
R-Genie, the aRchiving-Genie
Archiving and backup program that zips up all the files and directories specified into a destination zip-file. [Shareware]
TK8 Backup
Backup program with scheduler for all files including Outlook Express data. Features ZIP compression, password protected backups, scheduling, FTP uploads, and disk spanning.
Active Backup Expert
Backup utility that creates backup copies of files as well as synchronize them on two or more PCs. Store the backups in ZIP format, use exact file names or wildcard masks. Available in two editions: Standard and Professional.
HideFolder BackUp
Fully automatic backup software, that supports a built in zip compression as well as external ZIP and RAR compressors. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
LinkPro Technologies
Automatic file replication and backup software provides data protection and disaster recovery, file sharing, and web content synchronization.
Utility provided by JerMar Software Corp. specifically for backing up Windows system driver files. Two version available for download free Personal or shareware Professional Edition.
Giltam Software Inc.
Backup software for the small business. Enabling the backup of information from the business computer and save it to the home computer, using the Internet.
Backup Wolf
Back up and recovery system for Windows. Create backup profiles that target any file or folder on the computer. Recover data loss by one-button backups and restore.
CompuApps, Inc
Offers complete drive data management solutions. Provides backup, restore, cloning and data migration (upgrade) to new hard drive, removable and CDRW drives. Partition and format tools and Flash media readers like compact flash, memory stick, smart media,
Data Backup and Synchronization Tool
SmartBackup copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, or across the network. Set up projects that describe the source location, the destination location, and the frequency to copy the files.
Clone Backup Utility
Backup utility that can used as a screen saver. Easy to configure and run.
Develop ease to use backup solution with national language, email and encryption support for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000. Web based storage also available.
Secure TCP/IP-based file synchronization, backup utility that works between home, and office computers automatically via the Internet through cable, DSL, or dial-up. Software is written in Java and works in Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 as well as Unix, Linux
Provides protection for important files and folders by making unattended timed backups to a second hard drive, network drive or removable drive.
Shareware backup utility to save and recovery data, files, directories, letters, tables, and projects. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000]
Backup Xpresso
Schedule automatic backup to CDRW or any disk automatically. It will backup and restore files, folders and emails.
Backup Server
Schedule backups in seconds, send backups to a server, and across networks. Automatically compresses backups into one file. Product overview, video tutorial, and trial download.
HP OpenView Storage Virtual Replicator
Server-based virtualization enables simplified storage management for Microsoft Windows environments. It reduces backup and restore time, improving data and application availability. Software specifications, FAQs, technical documentation, download demo, a
Free Java based disk backup utility to backup selected files/folders to a desired destination and restore them back fully or selectively.
File Genie 2000
A Windows friendly shareware data and file backup utility that allows users to save files automatically or manually with a few mouse clicks.
Snap Backup
One click backup system for individual computer users who need a simple and convenient way to backup their valuable files. Runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
This utility allows daily backups to be performed automatically just after Windows has started can also be used with task scheduler.
1776 Inc.
Provides and supports server redundancy solutions such as server mirror, server mirroring, real time data replication with automatic failover, server shadowing or loose clustering for high availability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery with online sy
Stratesave Systems GmbH
Developer of data backup solution for Windows XP/2000/NT and heterogeneous environment of Windows XP/2000/NT, NT/Unix/OpenVMS server. Software specifications, FAQs, technical documentation, downloads, and online manual in PDF format.
Backup Buddy
Allows users to automatically backup and restore Microsoft Office documents. [Windows 2000/XP]
Data Recovery specialists are pioneers in developing Crash Proof data loss prevention software, and Quick Recovery post crash data recovery software.
Real-time and schedule-based file replication and synchronization to copy and backup files over LAN, WAN, FTP, and Internet connections. Operates on a Windows platform, but can synchronize Unix, Linux, and Netware servers visible to the operating system.
LC Backup
Program that can simply and effectively backup data, files and folders. Archives are compressed and saved in ZIP file format.
Careful Backup
Backup utility for Windows, supports removable drives such as Zip, MO, and CD-RW, stores backup data in zip archives.
Cordes Development GmbH
Develops Backer, software for Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP to synchronize, transfer, back up and archive directories and files.
Backup Software
Information regarding backup software for backing up many operating systems and applications. NetVault allows LAN-free backups for non-SAN environments.
Generate unique file names in batch files based on date and time, for generational archiving storage of important data files. Archive hourly, daily or monthly.
Solutions for mobile executives. Notebook Shadow is a fast, comprehensive backup and synchronization utility designed to protect and share valuable corporate data stored on servers, desktop PCs and vulnerable laptop PCs. 60 day free trial.
Runs in the background automatically. Backup any kind of file to two other places. The archiver system runs with network and desktop environment.
Backup and restore utility for Windows. Backup files to floppy disks, hard drive, network drives, Zip drives, SyQuest and most other removable devices. The program supports several types of backups, including simple copy, simple move or deleting of old, o
Program for short time interval backups of documents folders and files. Copies only pre-selected items folders or files and if they changed since last backup. Directory structure remains.
FolderWatch Home page
Allows you to monitor any changes to selected folders, and back up files in those folders. Set FolderWatch to monitor changes made to multiple folders, or only selected files within these folders.
An easy to use yet powerful backup program from EtalonSoft that makes your backups quick and reliable. Included version control feature allows you to restore your data back to a previously working version.
Elaborate Bytes
CloneCD is a CD replication program, copy files from one CD to another. Program writes in Raw mode, to have full control over the output. With the correct equipment, it can make working copies of nearly any CD, regardless of whether or not it is copy-prot
Hack Systems
DataSafe 1.6 backup software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. PKZip compatible compression. Shareware download available.
Backup and synchronize data over local networks. [Windows]
Data Sheriff
Data backup and recovery. Offers fast system recovery, point and click restore option. Allows 100 backup files of the system registry, automatic scan memory function that monitors for possible file updates. [Windows 95/98/ME]
Backup system and custom files in Windows.
Xceed Backup Library
An ActiveX control that allows Windows applications to automatically perform their own backup and restore operations. Backup files to floppy disks, hard drives, network drives, writable CDs and any other random access removable media your users may have,
Backup To CD-RW and Backup Made Simple
Backup software for CD-RW and other devices. Disc spanning, compression, backup scheduler, CD-RW Drive and Backup Plan Wizards. Full featured, but designed for non-technical users.
Halo Software, LLC - DataSafe
Backup to a floppy disk, Iomega Zip/Jaz, Orb, network server, and CDR/CDRW drives. Multi-threaded perform up to five backups simultaneously. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP].
BlackBoard Software Inc.
Intelli-Bak is a replacement for the backup utility that comes with IOMega ZIP and Jazz drives.
[email protected]
Mobiliti's technology for backup and restore purposes. It enables fast synchronization and backup ensuring that only the portions of files that have changed are transmitted during synchronization and backup.
Download, tutorials and FAQs.
UltraBac Sales USA
NT backup and recovery software, enterprise, single server, image backup for quick recovery, Lotus, SQL, Exchange, and Oracle open file agents. Download 30 day demo.
1Vision Software Inc.
1Safe is an advanced data protection and backup system that combines file management and file backup in one program. Backup to tape or any removable media.
ITtoolbox Backup-Select Discussion Group
Discussion group provides IT executives, managers, and professionals with a forum for discussing the appropriate selection of backup and recovery utilities.
Future Systems Solutions
Drive2Drive allows you to easily copy an entire hard disk or partition to another hard disk within the Windows 95, 98 environment.
Operative Software Products
Solutions for file synchronization, file replication, and file backup for Windows clients and servers.
Guide to Norton Ghost on creating and restoring images.
Backup for Linux
UNiBACK is an efficient, powerful backup solution for the Linux operating system.
JVDE Software
ICQ Backup backs up your ICQ 98 and 99 or 2000 files.
Elantra pty ltd
CMS Automatic Backup System (ABS) provides a complete solution for notebook and desktop PC Backup.
Configuration LifeGuard
Automatically backs up your vital Windows 95 or 98 system and configuration files. By duplicating the files as well as of main system files.
Backup Scheduler 98
Schedules and starts an unattended backup job using Microsoft Window 98's included Backup and Scheduled Tasks utilities. Requires MS Windows 98.
Peridot Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.
Offers customized software products include backup utility and ultrasound imaging.
Windows95/98 or NT shareware with compression, automated backups, and advanced archiving, from BlackBoard software.
OpenBackup 4.2
Backup and restoration software for heterogeneous networks, it uses a unique technology of parallelism and multiplexing of the backed up data.
Acronis True Image 6.0
Backing up and restoring exact hard disk and/or individual partition images. Capture and restore disk images in Windows no need to reboot to DOS, even when backing up system partition. Product overview, FAQs, PDF user manual, and trial download.
Clonecd Backup Utility
Discussions about cloning cds including playstation games and how to make working copies of any CD, whether or not it is copy-protected with a cd key or serial.
System Backup and Recovery for AIX - SysBack is a service offering of IBM Global Services for AIX customers that provides the ability to easily backup and recover system data.
Transfer important files off site to an Internet supported hosting company on the Internet. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000]
Peer Software
Wizard driven file synchronization and backup solutions, across networks of all types and sizes, including VPNs. Real time and scheduled operations.
LC Technology International, Inc.
Company offers data and file recovery software for all Windows operating systems.
Folder mirroring application that will specify one or more folders on the local hard disk and copy them to a different folder on another hard disk or another networked computer. [Windows 2000/XP]
Backup files to any writeable media, run scheduled backups. Cleans destination if required and copies only newer files.
Automated backup and recovery software that provides the most comprehensive solution for data protection of TSM/ADSM enterprise business data.
FolderClone Automated Folder Mirroring Software
Make an identical copy of a folder tree from one drive to another. It can be used to synchronize files between a desktop computer and a laptop, or replicate data between a workstation and a server.
Back Rest
Shareware utility to back up and restore files and folders from Darkhorse Industries. Also creates highly customized, self-extracting archives. Program run manually from a project list or unattended as a Windows task. [Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0]
File Backup Watcher
The program can backup data on HDD, floppy, ZIP, CD-RW and has a comfortable scheduler. Also, has opportunity to work through the network. Two versions are available Professional and Home Edition.
Event Manager Professional - Backup Properties
All in one backup, file transfer and automation.
TechnoPundits Backtrak
Plug and Play backup-restore tool that fully automates the PC backup process and helps in disaster recovery. Product specifications, and downloads.
GRH Software
Rescue Me allows easily and safely back up and restore to files. Supports floppy, Jaz, and ZIP drives. [Win 95/98]
DuoCor Canada Inc.
Restore crashed systems with XactCopy. From within your existing backup and restore framework. Simplifies the system recovery, reduces data loss.
Free Windows command-line utility to backup and restore files from local computer to remote ftp server. Used to synchronize local and remote directories via ftp. Source code are distributed so it is possible to make it under Unix.
Real-time backup system, with version recovery, folder shadowing, and mirroring features. Download demo, provides a web based help file.
Windows system backup, system restore utility, that can run in dos real-mode with long file names (LFN).
Backup and administrative software for corporate environments, data is constantly monitored, and duplicated. Based on client-server technology, it supports the serverless networking environment offering data synchronization for multiple clients in paralle
Miclone Research
Simple Backup will zip or direct copy files from one location to another location automatically.
Veritas Backup Exec
Back up technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
Acebytes Software
BackLife will automatic backup valuable data from anywhere (local disk, FTP servers, local network) to anywhere (local disk, FTP servers, local network). Compress backup files on the fly without temporary files.
Backup and copy program for Windows 2000 and XP. It will create a bootable backup to a different partition on the same drive or a separate hard drive doing it all from the Windows environment.
High performance tape backup software. Works in a client or server architecture. Server backup software for the Windows NT, Unix, Linux platforms and client software for various platforms.
Backup system that allows the administrator of a LAN to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts to a single large capacity tape drive.
Storix Software
Storix Backup Administrator for Linux and AIX is a full-featured local and network backup management product that also provides flexible system installation and recovery.
Legato Systems, Inc., Data Protection Products
NetWorker backup and associated products allow companies to have a data protection solution tailored to the needs of their business.
Tape based file system for Windows 95/98. It creates a drive letter for your DAT 4mm DDS tape drive which behaves like a disk. Allows Windows applications to access files directly on the tape volume.
Dynamic Solutions International
DSI provides data processing and storage management products for both the Unisys and open-system markets, including tape backup hardware and software solutions and Solid State Disk (SSD).
Tape management for the IBM AS/400 and selected Unix Platforms.
Software designed to make it easy to implement tape backup rotation strategies easily. It provides scheduling, email notifications, and industry standard media rotation schemes.
Quik Sync 3
Iomega's automatic backup software acts as an add on to Iomega storage products. Enables version control, data recovery and undelete files, network backup, data protection and easy recovery. [PC/Mac]
Automated backup, archiving, and restoration application for Linux. Unique transaction engine enables multiple backups and restores to be performed simultaneously with total reliability. Requirements: SCSI card and SCSI compatible tape drive.
Avail Solutions
Integrity (tm) enterprise network backup and recovery data protection software uses new technology that replicates and migrates backed-up data for increased reliable restoration and protection.
Linux Backup Software
With 'NetVault's' administrators can schedule backups, track data, assign storage devices and manage distributed backups across the enterprise from a single point information regarding backup software for backing up many operating systems a
NovaNET 8
Network tape backup software with full featured client support and administration, will backup and protect all your Linux servers and Linux clients. Includes Windows 95/98/NT/2000 client support.
TapeTrack Website
Secure solution for offsite media storage management.
IMdrive reads and converts all types of tape in any format, from any type of computer.
UniSolutions Associates
BART is an unattended network backup and archival product, tracks backup tapes, and allows users to schedule file restores using the on-line tape database. Company also provides consulting services for software development projects, LAN and WAN configurat
Comes in two versions, Workstation and Secure Server Editions. All versions support QIC and SCSI tape drives. For Windows Me/95/98/NT/2000.
Yosemite Technologies, Inc
Tapeware is a complete system backup and data recovery solution for Windows, Linux and Netware. Technical information documents, downloads, user guide, white papers, FAQs.
Providing data storage.
Provides data storage and management, network storage, backup systems and consultancy. Guide to products and services available and contacts.
Iomega Europe: Home
Family of storage and drive solutions from Iomega.
Card Media
Memory cards, reader and adapters. Memory solutions for digital cameras and mobiles.
Manufacturers of IDE and SCSI hardware RAID disk storage solutions. Information on products, rental, data sheets, glossary and the company.
SCSI, IDE, RAID and Data storage specialists. Based in Surrey.
Storagetek UK
Supplier of computer storage solutions and services including SAN, automated tape libraries,disk storage and storage media
Plum data
Independent IT data storage specialists, providing tailored solutions to meet all data storage and management requirements
Active Network Systems
Suppliers of storage devices, including disk, tape and CD drives as well as memory, upgrades and Flash cards.
Distributor of OnlyDisk, a flash memory disk that offers removable USB solid-state data storage solution.
United Digital
Providers of storage solutions to businesses.
Storage Management Co.
Secure your future with the data storage specialists.
Universal Power Systems
Universal Power Systems provide power protection solutions for data and telcommunications systems. With a nationwide network of support engineers and a wide range of support options, customers benefit from professional consultation and specification.
IT Cleaning Ltd
We specialise in the cleaning of IT equipment and infrastructure only. From Server Rooms to PC's on desks
Cleaner Systems Ltd
A nation-wide specialist IT cleaning company with office locations in York, Birmingham & Reading whose main purpose is to help businesses protect their investments in Information Technology and to provide a cleaner.
Tekni Kleen UK
UK based office computer room cleaning specialists offering a range of services including PC cleaning.
Fibernet is dedicated to the design, supply, installation, management and support of high-speed data networks across the enterprise
Techclean Services
Established in 1983 and with 55 branches nationwide, techclean is unrivalled in the provision of it cleaning services. clients include the home office, shell and pricewaterhousecoopers.
Piller (UK) Ltd.
Rotary & static ups providers for data centre applications
Computer Suite Cleaning Specialists
Specialist cleaners of computer rooms and equipment
Bazaarbuilder is an ecommerce shopping cart software that allows customisation of cart pages with any site. bb also features online credit card payment, stock control & customer management.
Executive Recruitment & Jobs By
We are the uk's leading executive recruitment jobsite. our executive job search covers all sectors including datacenter industry, finance, accounting, insurance, legal, it, sales, marketing, distribution, retail, manufacturing & management consulting
Net Tenders
Cleaning and security contract tenders in an online reverse auction.
Established specialists in datacentre environments
Comms Express
Comms express server and data cabinets
Holiday Cottage Directory
A directory of UK hoilday cottages, hoilday cottage companies, a listing of cottages in Dcotland, Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Lake District, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Northumberland, Cumbria, Scottish.
Mortgage UK Directory
Mortgage UK Directory is a directory of UK mortgages, loans, credit cards, travel & car insurance. Cheap Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards, Travel & Car Insurance from Mortgage UK Directory.
KVM Partnership Ltd
Kvm partnership designs, installs and maintains kvm management solutions for "lights out" data centres, trading floors, training rooms and multiple branch offices.
Branded Server Management Solutions
Server management solutions from raritan, avocent, rose, adder & more
Server Cabinets & Racks
Your single source for server cabinets & racks and ancillary equipment
Below Zero
Below zero offer co-location and server hosting with zero downtime
Voice And Data Cabling Installers
Installers of voice and data cabling
NST Network Store
One stop network cable shop buy on line
Top Net Deals
Look for the best deal online, got to top net deals. Also you can submit your web site or URL to Top Net Deals
Cheap Hotel in UK Directory
Looking for a cheap hotel in the UK, try the Cheap Hotel in UK Directory
SMS Directory
A directory of SMS services which includes Short Messaging Service, SMS Software, UK SMS Carriers and SMS Support.
ACR Data Recovery
Data recovery software and file recovery
Chloride Power Protection
Chloride's extensive portfolio of ups and generator capabilities combined with its comprehensive service and support offering makes chloride the ideal choice for total power protection solutions to data centres and other mission-critical systems.
The isle of man's premier state of the art data centre for the housing of all your it infrastructure.
Bbn International
Network systems
Linux Virtual Machines
Dedicated servers without the cost from Linux Virtual Machines.
1st Easy
Manchester colocation datacentre solutions
Uk Grid
Uk grid owns and operates two data centres in manchester offering internet hosting and colocation
Connexions 4 London
c4l is a leading data centre and connectivity solutions provider, offering multiple services in over 40 data centre locations.
Colocation & managed hosting provider
Telecoms Jobs
Telecoms jobs jobboard
Newcastle Colocation
Newcastle Colocation Datacenter is based in the center of Newcastle upon Tyne
Leeds Colocation
Leeds Colocation offers secure facility generator backup convenient city centre location
Middlesbrough Colocation
Middlesbrough Colocation offers a colocation service of web servers in Middlesbough and Teesside area.
Durham Colocation
Based in Durham or County Durham and you want to colocate your web servers.
Trap Solutions Limited
Suppliers of it networking and telecommunication equipment.
Healthy Data Centres
Independent data centre services
Newcastle Business Continuity
How would your business cope in the event of disaster? Talk to Newcastle Business Continuity.
Advanced Diesel Engineering
Silent diesel generator systems for emergency or continuous electrical supply.
Epx Technical Services
Colocation services from 1u to 42u in the west midlands.
Verto Data
One location multiple leased line quotes from the uk business isp
The Sheffield Data Centre
Rack space and co-location in sheffield, south yorkshire
Garrards Transport
Specialist computer transport
Custodian Data Centre
64+ amps per rack & business continuity
Netzoom Europe
Data center management software
3C Solutions
It & datacenter infrastructure, consultancy services
Rockford IT
Rockford it data centre, shropshire, west midlands
Adapt PLC
Colocation & managed hosting provider
Telehouse is a top provider of colocation data centre facilities, global interlink, internet peering, managed services, disaster recovery, and much more
The oosha data centre is fully climate controlled with air conditioning systems that monitor temperature and humidity levels to ensure optimum temperature is maintained.
Borri Ltd
We supply a wide range of ups power supply systems. get your ups systems through borri today.
Bournemouth Data Centre
Colocation at c4l's bournemouth data centre
The Blueprint IT
The blueprint it offers an unparalleled choice of colocation services. with access into 25+ data centres across the uk, as well as european colocation.
Custodian Data Centre
64 amp racks in europes most efficient colocation facility
Sophisticated water alarm systems providing continuous cover.
Source Managed Services
A fresh approach - truly independent data centre consultancy
Vmware hosting expert and award-winning business isp (internet service provider) with proprietary data centre in hampshire, uk.
The Server Centre
The server centre managed hosting bournemouth uk
8 Solutions Ltd
Specialists in server room and data centre cleaning
Secure Datacenter specializes in IT and Dedicated Server Hosting, with a strong emphasis on security and multi-functionality. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we also offer Co-location and Data Center Outsourcing
C4L Telecoms
C4L offers a range of telecom solutions including, hosted PBX, SIP trunks, telephone numbers and wholesale rates.
Cloud Services
Infiniserv is a virtual infrastructure services provider offering three different cloud services; virtual private servers (VPS), virtual data centre (VDC) and elastic cloud computing (ECC).
1st Compucare Ltd
Specialist it, data centre and server room cleaning service